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Petrochemical Value Added Process

Numbers in the process map correspond to the compounds listed in the table below. Other Monomers and Polymers Vinyl Chloride Solvents C9+ Aromatics C8 Aromatics Toluene Benzene Butane Butylenes/Butadiene Propylene Ethylene Methane Isomerate Alkanes Mixed Aromatics Reformate Other Streams Hydrogen Hydrogen Cracked Gas Cracked Gas Liquid Recycle C3 Recycle C2 Hydrogen Desulfurized Gasoil Desulfurized Naphtha Hydrogen Coker Gasoil Coker Naphtha Vacuum Bottoms Vacuum Gasoil Atmospheric Bottoms Atmospheric Gasoil Naphtha Gas Crude Oil Hydrocarbon Liquids Butane Propane Ethane Natural Gas

  1   Natural  
  8   Naptha       15   Desulfurized  
  22   Other  
  29   Propylene       36   Vinyl  
  2   Ethane       9   Atmospheric  
  16   Desulfurized  
  23   Reformate       30   Butylenes/  
  37   Other  
  3   Propane       10   Atmospheric  
  17   Hydrogen       24   Mixed  
  31   Benzene           
  4   Butane       11   Vacuum  
  18   Cracked  
  25   Alkanes       32   Toluene       
  5   Hydrocarbon  
  12   Vacuum  
  19   C2       26   Isomerate       33    C8  
  6   Crude Oil       13   Coker  
  20   C3 Recycle       27   Methane       34   C9+  
  7   Gas       14   Coker  
  21   Liquid  
  28   Ethylene       35   Solvents