Customized On-Site Training

Agilent Education: Maximize Your Instrument and Software Investments

With Agilent's customizable on-site education you can design and implement the learning experience that best suits your company's environment and the needs of your employees. You'll benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and experience ongoing, optimal returns by:

  • Integrating instruments and software into your lab quickly, ensuring end-user acceptance and minimal impact to productivity
  • Decreasing support costs as a result of hands-on experience among end users
  • Ensuring project success and employee development
  • Achieving operational excellence and growth

Your answers to the questions below will enable us to help you and your company to achieve significant value from your Agilent instruments and software. Contact us to explore the possibilities. Once you have submitted your training request an Education representative will contact you in 5 to 7 business days to discuss your requirements and review the pricing. A quote will then be forwarded to the fax number you provided.

Customer Contact for Training Course
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Course Content

* 1) What are your goals for this training?
* 2) What course or portions of a course are you interested in having at your site. Please reference our current course offerings.
3) If the full course will not be taught, list the specific topics you would like covered.
4) If you require consulting services for application assistance/method development in addition to the onsite training, please specify the application or method of interest.
If the course you selected is Computer-Only Training:
5) Do you require Agilent computers for the training course?
6) What software are you currently using? Please state the version.
(i.e. MS ChemStation G1701CA)
7) Is there a training room available for lectures and computer setup?
If the course you selected is Hardware Training:
8) What type of instruments are you using in the lab? Please be specific.
9) How many instruments would be available for the training?
10) Is there a separate room available for lectures?

Course Logistics

* 11) How many training days will be required?
* 12) How many students will participate?
13) Do you need extra manuals? YesNo
       If yes, how many?
14) What dates would you like to request for the onsite training?
Please note: these dates are not guaranteed and are dependent on resource availability.
15) Is the training room equipped with a high-resolution projector for lectures? YesNo