LC & LC/MS Columns 


Product Description
Polystyrene standards are the first choice for many organic solvents, either for conventional GPC column calibration or for calibrating light scattering and viscosity detectors. Our organic polymers covering a range from 162 to 15 million g/mol, with MWs selected to provide equidistant calibration points for greater accuracy.

  • Compatible with most organic solvents
  • Certificate of Analysis meets international protocols
  • Calibration capability for virtually all applications
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  • Polymer Nominal Mp (g/mol) Nominal Mw/Mn
    162 1.00
    370 1.11
    1,000 1.09
    1,300 1.07
    2,000 1.05
    3,000 1.04
    5,000 1.03
    7,000 1.04
    10,000 1.02
    20,000 1.02
    30,000 1.02
    50,000 1.03
    70,000 1.03
    100,000 1.02
    130,000 1.01
    200,000 1.05
    300,000 1.03
    500,000 1.03
    700,000 1.03
    1,000,000 1.05
    1,500,000 1.04
    2,000,000 1.04
    2,500,000 1.05
    4,000,000 1.04
    7,000,000 1.04
    10,000,000 1.06
    15,000,000 1.05
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