Remote Advisor 

Remote Advisor - Maximize productivity with real-time knowledge and assistance

Maximize productivity with real-time knowledge and assistance

If you have an Agilent Instrument Service Plan, you already have free access to service features that help you meet productivity goals and move ahead of your stiffest competition.

Remote Advisor is a real-time support and reporting tool that works on Agilent and non-Agilent  systems regardless of the controlling software or chromatography data system you use.
Included  with Agilent Instrument Service Plans, Remote Advisor adds real value by providing powerful proactive features:

  • Assist: Virtually eliminate trial and error troubleshooting to quickly resolve problems
  • Report: Monitor and optimize equipment utilization and effectiveness
  • Alert: Prevent downtime and reduce sample re-work with real-time alerts

Remote Advisor supported instruments include:

   •   Agilent LC models: 1100 and 1200 Infinity Series
   •   Agilent GC models: 6850, 7820A, 7890 Series
   •   Agilent LCMS models: single quad 1946, Q-TOF 6140 Series, triple quad 6400 Series
   •   Agilent GCMS models: 5973-5977A Series
   •   Waters LC models: Alliance and Acquity

New models are being added daily.

Laboratories around the world that have connected to Remote Advisor have seen their productivity soar. Why not join them and make the most of your Agilent Advantage or CrossLab Service Plan? Contact an Agilent specialist.

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