Agilent Syringes 

Typical Needle Gauge Dimensions



Gauge mm inches mm inches
22 0.71 0.028 0.41 0.016
23s 0.635 0.025 0.11 0.0045
25 0.5 0.02 0.2 0.008
26s 0.47 0.185 0.11 0.0045

Needle Styles

Fixed needle syringe: The epoxy-cemented, stainless steel needle is centered in the syringe barrel at the depth of the zero graduation mark. Do not heat above 50°C.

Removable needle syringe: This needle style allows use of various point styles. The threaded hub connection andPTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) sealing ferrule can be tightened to compensate for wear.

Point Styles
HP Point Style: This proprietary design yields optimal performance and reliability and reduces coring by parting, not cutting, the septum.
Point Style 2: A standard, general purpose point style. Needle has a 20° bevel.
Point Style 3: For manual LC injectors. The needle has a 90° bevel, ideal for a volume displacement syringe.
Side Hole Point Style 5: Syringe needle has a side hole for sample filling and dispensing.

Needle gauge, length and point styles are referred in syringe descriptions as gauge/length in mm/point style (e.g., 26/42/HP).

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