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Precision Gas Flowmeter 
Product Description
Agilent’s Precision Gas Flow Meter is the ultimate gas flowmeter for chromatography applications. This hand-held flowmeter incorporates industry-leading performance and features in a highly accurate and reliable package. The inherent stability of the rugged, solid-state components allows us to provide the longest calibration interval on the market, all traceable to NIST standards.

  • Highly accurate and reliable measurement of common carrier and fuel gases used in GC, including nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, and argon/methane
  • Two-year guaranteed calibration period traceable to NIST standards
  • Measures flow (5-500 mL/min.) based on gas viscosity properties with an accuracy of ± 0.8% of reading ± 0.2% of full scale
  • Flow rate range from 0-500 mL/min (no conversion necessary from SCCM) eliminates the need for two separate meters to measure capillary and standard flows
  • Displays mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure readings simultaneously
  • Can be plumbed inline
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