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Product Description
The Agilent Gas Clean Filter System delivers clean gases, reducing the risks of column damage, sensitivity loss, and instrument downtime. Inserting a Gas Clean Filter System in the gas line immediately before the instrument inlet greatly reduces the level of impurities, thus improving trace analysis. Contaminants entering your GC column will also be reduced, which is critical for high temperature analysis and essential for longer column lifetime.
Replacing the filters when they have reached absorption capacity ensures maximum protection of your GC columns and analytical hardware. The sensitive indicators change color, alerting you that the filter needs to be replaced.
A Gas Clean Filter System allows you to use 99.996% (4.6) pure helium instead of the more expensive 99.999% (5.0) or 99.9999% (6.0) grade, while still yielding high quality analytical results. The expected cost savings are 30%.

  • Deliver clean gases for accurate analyses
  • Fast, leak-free filter replacement reduces downtime
  • Economical, with immediate payback
  • Highly sensitive filter indicators provide maximum instrument protection
  • Description Oxygen Filter Moisture Filter/Process Moisture Filter Charcoal Filter Carrier Gas Filter CO2 Filter Sulfur Filter
    Function Removes oxygen as well as traces of sulfur and chlorine compounds from carrier gas Removes water, oil, and other foreign material from the carrier gas Removes organic compounds from gas streams Single combination filter; removes water, oxygen, and organic compounds Removes CO2 from gas stream; to be used in combination with Moisture Filter Removes water and sulfur specific compounds like H2S, COS and SO2 from gas streams.
    Indicator color change From green to gray From green to pale brown No indicator Oxygen: from green to gray Moisture: from green to pale brown From white to violet From green to pale brown
    Capacity 150 mL oxygen 7.2 g water Approximately 7 g, depending on impurities 100 mL oxygen, 1 g water, organics depending on impurities 9 g CO2 5.3 g water. 2-7 g Sulfur compounds, depending on impurities.
    Outlet concentration at operating flow of 1-10 L/min <50 ppb <0.1 ppm <0.1 ppm Oxygen <50 ppb Moisture <0.1 ppm Organics <0.1 ppm <1 ppm Moisture < 0.1 ppm
    Sulfur < 0.1 ppm
                  Benefits of Using Gas Clean Filters
                  Technique Filters Benefit
                  GC/MS GC/MS filter Higher data accuracy and less maintenance
                  GC Column Moisture filter and oxygen filter or a GC/MS filter Longer lifetime
                  ECD detector GC/MS filter Greater sensitivity
                  TCD detector Moisture filter and oxygen filter or a GC/MS filter Greater sensitivity and less maintenance
                  Process GC Process moisture filter Long term stability
                  FID detector Two charcoal filters (for air and hydrogen) Greater sensitivity
                  PID detector Oxygen filter and charcoal filter Greater sensitivity
                  PFPD or FDP detector Charcoal filter, C02 filter and moisture filter Greater sensitivity
                  TSD or NPD detector Charcoal filter and moisture filter Greater sensitivity
                  Total organic carbon C02 filter and moisture filter Greater sensitivity
                  Zero-air generator C02 filter and moisture filter Cleaner gas
                  ICP-OES, ICP-MS High flow connection unit with two oxygen filters Greater sensitivity
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