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SuperNova (Dual Source) 
Product Description
The SuperNova combines our hi-flux micro-focus sources with one of our patented fast, self-optimizing S2 CCD detectors. This combination of high intensity and fast, large active area CCD enables rapid data collection, with easy software-switching between molybdenum and copper wavelengths (from the inventors of dual source X-ray diffractometers). The SuperNova is compact and fully-integrated, and as a highly automated dual source system needs little servicing to maximize uptime and throughput; it is the ideal diffractometer for small molecule and protein crystallography in research laboratories and leading analytical service facilities.
  • Configurable as a dual wavelength system, or an upgradable single wavelength option
  • High intensity Nova (copper) and Mova (molybdenum) micro-focus X-ray sources for faster, higher resolution data
  • Choose from our fast and unique S2 CCD detectors – the highest sensitivity Eos S2, high performance Atlas S2 or largest active area Titan S2 detectors. The S2 detectors feature Smart Sensitivity Control, which tunes both sensitivity and dynamic range based on the strength of observed data, unlike any other detectors in X-ray crystallography
  • 4-circle kappa goniometer that allows easy crystal loading and alignment and able to maintain a better than 10 micron sphere of confusion
  • Compatible with all commonly-available cryogenic and sample heating devices, including the Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream, the Oxford Instruments Cryojet5 and the Agilent Helijet
  • CrysAlisPro  SM and PX: Dedicated application-based software workflows for user-friendly automation and intelligent data collection, processing and analysis
  • Compact and self contained system with modular design for easy maintenance, servicing and upgrades
  • Optional AirCooler radiator provides for a system completely independent of external water supplies
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