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Product Description
Concern over pesticides contamination increases the demand for trace level analysis of residual pollutants in food, beverage and environmental samples. Extracts from these matrices contain target residues plus a mixture of organic compounds co-extracted during sample preparation that increase the difficulty to accurately quantitate and confirm the presence of target compounds. Based on the 7000 Series Triple Quadrupole MS, Agilent’s GC/MS/MS Analyzers with multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM) database provide the lowest possible detection and quantitation limits for pesticides residues in complex matrices. Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) with backflush optimizes cycle time, enhances robustness, and provides superior selectivity and sensitivity for routine operation.
  • Why spend time configuring individual components? Factory configured and tested GC/MS/MS pesticide analyzer optimizes and verifies chromatographic performance of your instrument.
  • Constant pressure, post column back flush configuration provides analysts with the greatest flexibility, allows your laboratory to add GC detectors and is easily scaled for shorter run times.
  • Constant flow, mid-column backflush configuration provides analysts with the best sensitivity for trace pesticide analysis.
  • Multiple transitions per compound in the MRM database help your team build acquisition methods that reduce matrix interferences.
  • Tutorial videos introduce you to the MRM Database, and guide you through adding new compounds to the database and optimization of acquisition methods for your specific target list.
  • On-site installation and check out of the Pesticide Analyzer by a factory certified technician confirms that your instrument and the application meet Agilent’s analytical performance criteria.
  • System familiarization ensures that your team is “ready to go” with calibration and validation immediately following system installation.
  • System includes CD-ROM with a Pesticide MRM acquisition method and data files, application note, operator manuals and quick start guide for faster system start-up.
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