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1260 Infinity Refractive Index Detector 
Product Description
The sensitive and robust 1260 Infinity Refractive Index Detector (RID) is the detector of choice for fast and reliable LC results when you are routinely analyzing non-UV absorbing substances, such as carbohydrates, lipids and polymers. The detector is also ideal for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).
  • Minimum baseline noise for excellent sensitivity and low limits of detection.
  • Consistent, reproducible results - unmatched thermal and electronic stability using electronic temperature control (ETC) maintains a steady optical unit temperature of up to 55°C.
  • Fast start-up - thermal design means initial setup is typically less than two hours; it generally takes less than one hour for the module to warm up.
  • Optimized light levels - light intensity is adjusted automatically to compensate for lamp degradation and flow cell staining.
  • Save time and solvents - you can use the recycle valve to keep the system at operating conditions, avoiding warm-up time and saving solvent.
  • Automatic purging of the reference flow call using programmable purge and wait times.
  • Easy maintenance - convenient front access for inspection and maintenance of tubing and valves.
  • Early maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous tracking of instrument usage (purging lamp burn time) with customizable limits and feedback messages.
  • Extensive diagnostics, including error detection and display with Instant Pilot controller and Lab Advisor software.
  • Features overview
  • Software and Informatics
  • Specifications: Agilent 1260 Infinity Refractive Index Detector (G1362A)
    Detection type Deflection method
    Short-term noise ±2.5 × 10-9 RIU
    Drift < 200 x 10-9 RIU/h
    Refractive index range 1.00–1.75, calibrated
    Flow cell 8 µL, 5 bar pressure maximum
    Temperature control Ambient +5 °C to 55 °C
    pH range 2.3–9.5
    Time programmable Polarity, peak width
    Zero adjustment Automatic zero
    Valves Automatic purge and automatic solvent recycle
    Data rate Up to 37 Hz
    Analog output Recorder/integrator: 100 mV or 1 V, with offset adjustment, RIU range selectable
    Communications Local Area Network (LAN), Control Area Network (CAN), RS-232, APG remote, remote ready, start and shutdown signals
    Safety and maintenance Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system, low voltage in major maintenance areas
    GLP features Early maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous tracking of instrument usage with user-settable limits (purge interval) and feedback messages. Electronic records of maintenance and errors, automated OQ/PV procedures.
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