Forensics & Toxicology 


In the forensics and investigative fields, a lot is contingent on the accuracy of your results. Whether testing for poisons in a forensics investigation, screening athletes for performance enhancing drugs, analyzing samples for recreational drugs, or checking a crime scene for explosive residue - lives and professions may be dependent on the accuracy of your equipment. Agilent Technologies leads the industry with robust instruments that provide the ability to confirm and quantify thousands of substances.

Drug Screening Validated Methods: Benzodiazepine and Cannabinoid Methods and Validation Plans - Access your packages now!

Designer Drug Kit: GC/MS Designer Drug libraries for ChemStation and MassHunter plus 2 supporting Compendiums on Identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids and Designer Stimulants - Access your 2014 Essential Designer Drug Reference Kit now!

Oral Fluid Compendium: Drugs and Metabolites in Oral Fluid: Immunoassay Screening and LC/MS/MS Confirmation and Quantification - Access your copy now!

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