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6200 Series Accurate-Mass Time-of-Flight (TOF) LC/MS 
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The Agilent 6230B TOF LC/MS system provides accurate mass analyses for a variety of analytical applications including profiling, identification, characterization, and quantification of both small and large molecules. Together with advanced accurate mass software processing tools the 6230B supports applications including drug development, toxicology, and the analysis of recombinant proteins.

The TOF LC/MS system also supports MS/MS applications by using fragments formed in the desolvation region of the ion source. Using Agilent’s All Ions MS/MS software the TOF system enables compound identification by matching fragmentation patterns with an Agilent MS/MS library. Typical All Ions applications include toxicology analysis with an Agilent Personal Compound Library of 2,500 compounds and veterinary drug analysis using a library of over 600 compounds.

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  • Reduce false positives with better than 1 ppm mass accuracy
  • Acquire data at 30 spectra per second to ensure excellent data quality for fast UHPLC peaks in high-throughput workflows
  • Confidently identify small molecules based on accurate mass and isotopic abundance and chemical composition using Find by Formula in MassHunter software.
  • Separate target compounds from interferences with mass resolution of greater than 22,000
  • Find impurities at extremely low concentrations – Agilent Jet Stream technology provides low picogram on-column sensitivity
  • Identify trace level target compounds – in the presence of more abundant matrix compound – with up to 5 orders of in spectrum dynamic range
  • Intuitive “walk-up” software makes the 6230B an ideal analytical tool for medicinal and synthetic chemists as well as biologists.
  • New All Ions MS/MS Technique for Targeted and Untargeted Screening on TOF and Q-TOF LC/MS
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                • Software

                  MassHunter Workstation software – instrument control, data acquisition and processing, reporting

                  Easy Access software - walk-up software for multi-user environment

                  Analytical Studio Reviewer software - quick browsing of large batch of data files and easy reporting

                  Bioconfirm software – protein and peptide molecular weight confirmation and characterization

                  Mass Profiler Professional software – statistical and differential analysis of multiple sample groups

                  Mass Profiler software - statistical and differential analysis of up to two sample groups

                  METLIN Personal Compound Database – database searching for compound identification in metabolomics

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