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The analytical technique known as thermal desorption (TD) provides the ability to measure volatile contaminants in air, toys, building materials, car cabins, and food. This technique also provides unique analyses in applications for forensics, defense, and general emissions testing. When the TD systems from Markes International are combined with Agilent GC and GC/MS systems the results meet current requirements with sensitivity and dynamic range to meet current regulations and future needs.
Markes International TD platforms allow analysis of single tubes, real-time air samples, and canisters with options for automated analysis. Markes has introduced several key technical advances that now set the standard for TD instrumentation. GC and GC/MS with TD systems are sold and supported by Agilent's worldwide sales and service organization.
  • SecureTD-Q™ (quantitative re-collection of ALL split flows for repeat analysis), which overcomes the historical one-shot limitation of TD methods and simplifies method/data validation
  • Electronic tube tagging (TubeTAG™): RFID tube tags available for industry standard sorbent tubes
  • Diffusion locking (DiffLok™) for enhanced sample integrity and robust (mechanically simple) automation
  • Patented inert valving for compatibility with every TD application on a single analytical platform - ultra-volatiles, semi-volatiles (up to n-C40) plus reactive species - mercaptans, CS gas, etc. - all on one TD system
  • Automated internal standard introduction onto blank as well as sampled tubes
  • Electronic pneumatics control (EPC) of carrier gas through the thermal desorber ensures consistent compound retention time independent of split flow
  • Electrically-cooled sorbent trapping with uniquely fast trap heating rates for splitless capillary GC operation and optimum sensitivity without risk of ice formation
  • Off-line conditioning for multiple tubes without the need to blank-off unused tube connections
  • Specialist sorbent tubes: Certified reference standards, SafeLok™ tubes, Silcosteel tubes
  • A range of unique sampling tools for measuring volatile and semi-volatile organics in challenging matrices: liquids/solids/emulsions, breath, in-situ soil, polymers, natural products, construction products, etc
  • For specific product information, visit Markes web site.
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